Thank you so much for stopping by my page! Let me introduce myself- I’m Kristin, a novice blogger with a creative mind and love for writing and nature.

My creativity is a blessed gift from my late grandmother, Pia. She was the lady in the neighborhood that all the kids would run to for help with identifying a plant or an imaginative idea for a project. In my spare time I love to work with my hands and create any ideas that inspire me from Pinterest (of course!). I’ve had some terrible fails and beautiful creations. I’m excited to share all past projects and future ones with you here.

Writing has always been my emotional release. I blame that on my mom. She always told me that when I really want to tell someone how I feel (ahem, all the time…) I should write down everything that I would want to say, place the letter in a drawer, and if I still wanted to share those thoughts after 24 hours then I should trust my gut. This strategy kept me out of trouble numerous times (thanks, mom!). I followed this love for writing and I achieved a minor in English and became certified to teach literature and composition. Teaching creative writing was one of the most fun times in my years as an educator. To open up a child’s eyes to the English language and the beautiful vocabulary we have borrowed and adapted from so many cultures was extremely rewarding. I hope to use my words to inspire others and share the thoughts that run through my head…after they’ve sat in a drawer for 24 hours, of course.

The newest endeavor in my life would be the transition from wife to mother of three in one fell swoop. My husband, Brian, and I are thrilled to welcome triplets into this world in November/December 2017. Everyone is so curious how it is to be pregnant with triplets, as was I when I first found out the life changing news. There aren’t many resources for multiples mommas, so I hope to document the big things that anyone who is experiencing this blessing three times over could use to prepare themselves.