Acne Fighting Exfoliating Mask

If you find yourself reading this post its either because A) you’ve tried every regimen possible to fight breakouts and none of the conventional methods are working or B) it’s because you’re my friend or family and you’re checking out my blog (thanks girl 😉 ).

I will honestly tell you- I LOVE this mask. Its easy on the skin, so easy to make, and it helps with all of the acne issues I’ve had pop up. Here is what you’ll need:


  • 1-2 TBSP Organic Honey
  • 1/2 tsp Nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1 Lemon Wedge

Each one of these ingredients have specific benefits for your skin-

Honey- antibacterial properties to fight acne, moisturizing on the skin, antioxidants to fight aging, and helps open up pores to help unclog them
Nutmeg- natural exfoliant that has been used as years to help unclog pores and fight acne
Cinnamon- anti fungal and antibacterial properties help clear acne prone skin, brings blood to the surface which can cause minor plumping and fade fine lines
Lemon- natural complexion brightening agent

Now that you have all of your ingredients, you’re ready to get mixing. Remember, you need to make a new mix of these ingredients every time you want to use the mask. I suggest only using this mask once a week, or you can use it as a spot treatment for pimples that just won’t go away!


  1. Mix cinnamon and nutmeg until blended well
  2. Add honey and mix until cinnamon and nutmeg are evenly dispersed 
  3. Squeeze lemon wedge and continue mixing until there is no separation
  4. Apply to face, avoid eye area, and leaven on for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

*If you start to feel an intense burning, then remove immediately. Some people have strong reactions to cinnamon that they are unaware of.






Coconut Oil/ Honey Face Regimen

I’ll put a bunch of actual information on the benefits of using coconut oil and honey once I get a chance, but for now this is the regimen I followed that helped me break free of harsh chemical cleansers.


  • Organic Extra-virgin Coconut Oil (Amazon, ~$10-20, depending on the quantity)
  • Raw-unfiltered Honey (local farmers markets are a great place to start!)

Nightly Routine-

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS!!! So many people start washing their face before they’ve washed their hands. You have so much bacteria on them. You don’t need to use an antibacterial soap, just a normal soap and water.
  2. Dispense about a quarter size amount of Organic, Virgin- Coconut Oil into your hands and then massage into your face. Bonus! Coconut oil is great for removing all of your makeup!
  3. Run a washcloth under warm water and wring out, then lay on top of your face for about 10-20 seconds before gently wiping the oil off your face.
  4. DONE!

If you use eye creams, wrinkle creams, or any other type of product at night, you can put it on afterwards. However, lose the moisturizer. The oil has already moisturized your face and you don’t want to clog those pores!

Morning Routine-

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS! How much bacteria could you have picked up over night…I don’t know! But, it’s a really good habit to get into.
  2. Grab about a nickel size amount of honey, rub it into your hands and then run them under water quickly so the honey is easier to disperse on your face.
  3. Massage the honey into your skin, avoid the eye area.
  4. Rinse off with water or use a washcloth to help remove the honey.
  5. DONE!

Again, lose the moisturizer in the morning! Oil and honey both have moisturizing properties and you’ll be able to tell right away. Don’t clog your pores up more with a thick moisturizer. I’m a huge advocate for sunscreen, though! I haven’t found a good organic sunscreen (I’m open to suggestions!), but I think the benefits of wearing sunscreen daily outweigh the negatives of the chemicals. Your makeup does NOT count as sunscreen, people!

I hope you have as much success as I did with this natural cleansing method! Let me know what you think :)!

*If you start to feel build up in your pores and notice blackheads, click on my post about my favorite acne fighting, exfoliating natural mask!