Four hearts. One body.

Exercise has been a huge part of my life since I was a child. I would run all over the neighborhood. At recess, in elementary school, boys would ask to chase me because I was fast. I’ve played soccer since I was five, ran track in middle school, cross country in high school, ran a marathon in college, countless 5k and 10k races…you get the idea. Exercise is second nature to me. So, when I was told that I was expecting triplets one of the first things to enter my mind (other than ‘holy s*@$) was how I needed to change my routine. I’ve spoken with doctors and they have approved the following forms of exercise.

  • Stationary spinning (no spinning classes and keep heart rate below 150
  • Light weightlifting for upper body and lower body
  • Swimming
  • Walking

This is an extremely limited list, but I will follow it to ensure the health and safety of my babies and myself. It’s difficult to adjust, I have to admit. When I walk in the gym at this stage in pregnancy I just feel out of place. I know my way around a gym and how to use the machines/ cable machines and proper exercises, but since I’m so big I feel like people stare at me.

I’m not only adjusting to a new workout regimen, but to this new body. I’m expected to gain between 45-60lbs for a healthy¬†triplet pregnancy. So far, I’ve already gained 20 of those pounds. Looking at myself in the mirror evokes mixed emotions. First, I’m in awe that there are three babies inside of me- 30 fingers, 30 toes, three extra hearts and all the other organs these little babies are developing. The human body is absolutely amazing. Secondly, I. am. enormous. I’ve worked my whole life to try and have a flat, toned tummy. Now, I have a very rounded and protruding tummy. That is something I’ve never seen before.

Self-esteem is a lifelong tug-of-war. No-one is immune to the struggles of positive self image. The most fit people in the world have just as many insecurities as someone that is struggling to get their body to where they want to be. I find myself somewhere in-between. The only thing that keeps me from getting down on myself is the fact that I have four hearts beating in my body. I am supplying blood, oxygen and nutrients to three human lives that need me to survive. It’s honestly a privilege to carry these three babies and I will do everything in my power to keep these four hearts in this one body beating strong every day.